Book Review: The Midnight Scrawls

Book Review:

The Midnight Scrawls is a beautiful collection of poems.
The illustrations in the book are very beautiful and captivating.

Every poem in this book tried to bring out a different emotion of human life. It highlights the ups and downs of a person’s life and talks about love, betrayal, relationships, friendships, hope, joy and much more.

This book is a beautiful short read. It’s written wonderfully and is heart touching plus the illustrations keep us engaged throughout the book.
The language is simple and expressive. Definitely a book that I would recommend!!

Rating: 4/5⭐

Book Review

Title: The Busyness Age

Author: Rajesh Seshadri

Rating: 4/5⭐

My Review:

A self help book that will help you turn your ‘busy’ life into more ‘result oriented’. In this book the author talks about how our 9-5 jobs have turned into 24 hours of stress. This has also resulted into ignorance towards our dreams, passions and hobbies.

The book has a very practical approach and gives us lots of tips and tricks to gain control over our life and make it more meaningful.

If you are someone who wants to break the vicious circle of mediocrity, this book is for you. The language is very easy and all the points are explained very well.

But I also think that the book needs proper editing.

Other than that it’s a good read!

Happy Reading:)

Book Review: Swapped

Title: Swapped

Author: Neeha Gupta

Publisher: Leadstart Publishing

Rating: 4/5⭐

My Review:

If given a chance to swap your life with someone, who would you choose?

A book that took me back to my teenage days when we get all sorts of crazy ideas, when we want adventures and more interesting life.
Swapped is a story of two highschool girls who are very different from each other. Rachel is reserved and Harleen is a free bird, what happens when they swap their lives with each other.

The book is very well written and pictures High school life very well. First crushes, friendships, career choices to graduation we get to experience it all. I loved the character of Harleen. And also the bond that Harleen and Rachel share is amazing.

The book gives us complete vibes of a movie or a TV show with an entertaining plot, well built characters, cheesy life advise and also songs!

A short and light read.

Definitely recommended!

Happy Reading!

Book Review: The Apple

Title: The Apple

Author: Devashish Sardana

Genre: Thriller

Pages: 260

Rating: 5/5 ⭐

My Review

Do you like reading fast paced thrillers? Unique plots, ancient mysteries, puzzles, spectacular twists?
Then you will definitely enjoy this book!!!

The Apple is a brilliant engrossing book that will keep you on the edge till the very end. Each character will leave a mark for themselves and the narrations are brilliant. The author has done a commendable job in putting all the aspects together. I loved everything about the book.

This is probably the first ebook that I have finished in one sitting 😅

If you are planning to read this book, just read the blurb and dive in!!!

I don’t want to give you any spoilers but I’ll give a small brief about the story. It’s based in North Sentinel Island, which is one of those places which doesn’t have much human population. The Garden of Eden which we have heard about is situated in this place and the tribals protect it.

The Garden of Eden has the tree of Immortality Apple. For thousands of years the tribals have been successful in keeping this secret from the rest of the world until one day one Apple is stolen. They also find their culprit unconscious and when he wakes up he has no memory of how he came and what he did, he doesn’t even remember his name.

This is a huge shock for the island because if this secret leaks, the rest of the world will come for other apples.
Queen Azura is in dilemma now, whether the man they found is the real culprit? Why doesn’t he remember anaything? How will she protect their secret?
Grab your copy to know more!!

Happy Reading 🙂

Book review: What if it’s You

Title: What if it’s You

Author: Mitali Meelan

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Rating: 4/5⭐


A 19-year-old big screen movie-star returns to her hometown to finish her education. Having traded her childhood for fame and success, she now craves for a simpler college life and deeper friendships that go beyond flattery and flaunting. The town, however, gives her everything else but that.
So she hides a letter in a bookstore and asks the recipient to be her email buddy. Hoping to find one meaningful friendship in this old beach town of South Goa, she adds only one condition for her recipient to follow…. that they won’t reveal their identity until they get to know each other first.
The letter is discovered by Vihang, a 20-year-old guy who gets bullied in college and bossed around at home by his stepmother and stepbrother. On a default flight mode, Vihang takes whatever life throws at him with a pinch of salt (and loads of sarcasm).
As Vihang’s own life begins to fall apart, the girl starts becoming his escape from reality. And neither of them realises when the feeling of love begins to bloom.

My Review:

What if hearts met first
and then the faces?
Would love look different?

A very beautifully written story which can also be called as modern retelling of Cinderella set in contemporary India. But there’s a twist in this retelling. Not only the times it’s based in, here the roles are reversed too.
19 year old Shaira, a successful actor is the Prince of our story and 20 year old Vihang who is troubled by his step mother and step sister is our Cinderella.

Love is often found in unexpected places. In this story too, Vihang and Shaira find each other in unexpected ways. Shaira, a successful actor returns to India so that she can complete her education and enjoy a normal life. But will her fame let her live a normal life? In a quest to find atleast one genuine friend she writes a letter and hides it in a bookstore. Vihang finds her letter and they soon become email buddies. They become each other’s escape and don’t even realise when they fell in love.

The story is very engaging and emotional. The characters are very realistic and well written. The starting of the story only is so beautiful that it kept me hooked till the very end.

Definitely recommended!

Happy reading;)

Book Review: Chase Your Life Dreams

Title: Chase Your Life Dreams

Author: Alka Dixit

Publisher: Srishti Publishers

Genre: Self Help

Rating: 4/5⭐


What if you dreamt to live in the luxury of a castle and find yourself landing an enclosed cell? What if your dreams are shattered by your own thoughts and actions? What if your destiny puts you in a situation that is beyond your own imagination? Thoughts make the foundations of your life because they are responsible for each and every decision and action you take, for each and every choice you make, in order to chase your dreams. Then, negative thoughts can have a devastating effect on your life, and can ruin your plans for happier living. With the simple Act of choosing the wrong thought, you can be deviated from your life’s purpose. It could trap you in a situation you never wanted to be in. Chase your life dreams is a guide to choosing the right, positive thoughts over the negative ones, to find the true purpose of your life, to create your own destiny, and to lead a meaningful and joyous life.

My Review:

Our brain is constantly working, brewing different thoughts that rule us. Today, we have forgotten that we are the masters of our thoughts and instead our thoughts control us.

This book, the author tells us about how we can control our thoughts, choose right positive ones which will become the foundation of our life and how to avoid negative thinking.

The book is divided into 3 parts: Train your mind, Face the Storm, Chase your Life. Each part consists of various chapters which elaborate on this topic. The author has given many examples and anecdotes from her personal experience and mythology, which I absolutely loved.

The language of the book is very easy. The main topic is broken down into parts, chapters and small stories which help us understand and absorb the contents of the book. There is a exercise at the end of each chapter which is very helpful in actually implementing the teachings in our lives.

Definitely recommended!!

At the Book Launch of ‘Swapped’

Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra launches ‘Swapped’ by Neeha Gupta, published by Leadstart.

Mumbai, 12th December 2019

Soha Ali Khan, Evelyn Sharma, Pooja Chopra and Tenaaz Irani share videos titled “whom would you swap your life with” which were played at the launch.

17-year-old Neeha Gupta’s Swapped was launched at Title Waves Bandra yesterday. Published by Leadstart, the book is a gripping tale of teenage dilemmas and friendship.

The book was launched via a panel discussion between award winning filmmaker Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra and author Neeha Gupta and moderated by film critic and senior journalist Aakanksha Naval-Shetye.

The discussion veered towards friendship, teenage ambition and the quest for personal growth.

“Friends are those who get you into trouble,” joked Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra, who added gravitas to the book launch. He also added, “ youngsters must be allowed to discover what they’re meant to become, over time.”

Aakanksha Naval-Shetye deftly guided the discussion towards Rakesyh Mehra’s own reading habits- to which he said, “I read 15 pages here and there. I like to explore parts of various books, unlike my wife and daughter who are voracious readers.”

Neeha Gupta shared, “ I would like to explore Swapped as a web series.”

The event also saw the launch of a song ‘It’s a big world out there’, which is part of the book “Swapped” sung by Neeha Gupta and Sidharth Bhambure, also a student of standard 12th, Neeha’s classmate and a budding musician who has already uploaded albums on Spotify, itunes etc;

Actor Maninee De Mishra and designer Archana Kochhar were present for the book launch.


Reserved, resilient Rachel and free-spirited fashionista Harleen are two regular high-school girls, who lead completely contrasting lives. Their lives chug along like those of most; nothing remarkable or out of the ordinary. Then one wild night, on a rocky beach, destiny intervenes. They discover that their innermost desire is to live each other’s lives. Family and close friends notwithstanding, they take a leap of faith and commit to a crazy scheme. Will their secret be revealed? Or will fate be in cahoots with their plan?

About the Author:

The versatile author, Neeha Gupta, is a valedictorian in her tenth grade. She has had a keen interest in writing since a very young age. Her first book “Different” was received by the Hon. President of India, Ram Nath Kovind. Neeha, who is also a TedEd Speaker, has gained praise for her writing skills through which she inspires youngsters to not harbour negative thoughts and encourages them to think positively about their future.

About Leadstart

Leadstart is one of the leading publishers in India. The company’s portfolio covers a wide range of genres: Fiction, Non-fiction, Children, Business, Management, Finance, World Affairs, Politics, History, Self-Help & Empowerment, Health & Fitness, Spirituality & Religion, Philosophy, Cookery, Reference, Biography, Travel, Poetry, Activities, Hobbies, Crafts & Sports etc. Leadstart has offices in India and the US and operates around the world in association with global partners. Several Leadstart authors have won major literary prizes such as the Padma Bhushan, Sahitya Akademi Award, Vodafone Crossword Awards, various State literary awards and the Jnanpith Award, as well as regularly being longlisted for other awards including the Man Asian Literary Prize.

Testimonials for Swapped

Two books at the age of 17 is commendable and by writing for her own age and peers, Neeha Gupta has contributed her bit to sparking the reading habit; Good young adult fiction can be a foundation for more evolved reading choices later in life. ‘Swapped’ is a simple engaging story for all ages, as it taps into the universal themes of friendship, love, relationships, parent-child conflict and self-discovery.”

Meghna Pant, Author and Journalist

Swapped is a delightful example of new-age writing. The visual narrative style almost seems like you are watching a Netflix series. The conflicts showcased in the story grip you right from the word go. At every stage, one gets tempted to experience the thrill and risks experienced by Rachel and Harleen. When a reader is constantly compelled to enter into the shoes of the fictional characters, one can safely assume that a writer is born.

Ashish Jaiswal, Oxford scholar, bestselling author.

Swapped by Neeha Gupta conveys not only the voice of a young author, but also the promise of a potential future literary career. Writing for her age-group, Neeha encapsulates in a charming story, with its own little twists and turns, the preoccupations, dreams, anxieties, and ideas of India’s youngest generation. Bristling with energy, enthusiasm, and not a little mischief, Swapped will appeal to Neeha’s contemporaries as well as those readers a little older, who with a chuckle will remember their own time as young students, filled with all its defining misadventures.

Manu Pillai, award-winning author.


Rama Devi, Dy Speaker of The Lok Sabha

I am delighted to know that Neeha Gupta has shown a keenly interest in writing from a young age. Her writing is well-intentioned as it inspires youngsters to not harbour negative thoughts and think positively about their future. It is this leadership quality and spirit of service that has made her write two books with simple stories but deeply positive messages. I am confident that her books will benefit the youngsters of today. I wish that Neeha achieves her dreams in future.

December #DecemberDelights

Last month of the year, soon we’ll be stepping into a year and also a new decade.

December is my most favorite month of the year for many reasons!

Firstly because it’s winter season and i love winters! Cuddling in your cozy bed with a good book and some coffee or hot chocolate, doesn’t that sound like heaven? 🤓😍

December denotes the end of the year but it also gives us hope for the new beginnings and a brighter tomorrow.

Spending time with family and friends, vacations, celebrations, wedding season but my most favorite have to be Christmas parties and Secret Santa🎅❤️🎄

I love love gifts!!

The pure joy of receiving gifts and gifting others and seeing their happy faces is blissful♥️

December is also a month of introspection and planning. I like to reflect on the past months and my yearly goals, write down my gratitude list and learnings from the year and i also love to make new year resolutions, make my bucket list for next year and plan📃✔️

I firmly believe that if the end of the current year and the beginning of the next year are wonderful and make you happy, all other struggles and dull moments are forgotten🎉🎊

So what are you waiting for?

Make your holiday lists, New year resolutions and order some gifts for family & friends🎁🌼🎉

Have a blast🎉🎈🥂

This post is part of #DecemberDelights by Vidhya Thakkar and Rupa Publishers should not be repurposed, republished or used otherwise. The content herein is owned by the blogger. Hosts are not responsible for any infringement caused.”

Book Review: Supercop of Aryavrat

Title: Supercop of Aryavrat

Author: Mithilesh Kumar

Genre: Mythological Fiction

Pages: 286

Rating: 4/5⭐

My Review:

We have all read or heard stories about Lord Krishna, maybe even watched television shows on him. Some give us a glimpse in his childhood while some sing his glory in the Kurukshetra War, but this book can be called as a biography of Krishna.
Very well researched and presents the story of Krishna’s life from his birth to death.

The book starts with the war in Dwarka which was the end of the Yadava clan and how Krishna and Balram happily accept their deaths.
On his deathbed Krishna remembers his journey from his birth and the various adventures of his life.

The book sheds light over many things that we don’t know about Krishna and also his point of view on the War of Kurukshetra.

I think it’s a brilliant read for all the mythology lovers.

The only thing that I feel could have been better is the cover and the title of the book. They give an impression of some science fiction and do not go with actual content of the Book!

Happy reading 🙂

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